RFID tags and RF Insulators


RFID can be used for a wide range of electronic tagging applications from asset management to animal identification through to product tracking applications.

The RFID is a passive transponder operating at 13.56Mhz using ISO15693 I-CODE SLI standard encapsulated in a Polyethylene Octene Elastomer(POE) plastic. UV and YAG Laser additives provide a complete, rugged tagging system.

TCS Asset Tags allow quick easy management of assets using 13.4MHz RFID technology. Asset Tags can be easily mounted to assets and plant to allowquick identification.

TCS provides a service that writes the individual data into the RFID transponder as well as laser marking the data on to the surface of the tag. Then this provides the customer with a database of the electronic identification (EID).

An RF Insulator is available for mounting on metallicsurfaces. The RF insulator provides readability against ferrous metal objects up to 50mm with a low powered reader.

Tags can be read by readily available RFID Tag readers and can be mounted by two or one point with an easily removable mounting point at one end.


  • 13.4Mhz
  • 70mm typical read range
  • RF Insulator available for mounting on metal surfaces
  • Excellent read range on metal surfaces (when insulator used)
  • High frequency (HF) passive RFID transponder 13.56mhz
  • ISO 15693 standard I-Code SL1
  • 2048 bits of read write memory
  • Unique 24 bit EID code
  • Polyethylene Octene Elastomer (POE) plastic
  • RF Insulator for mounting to metal surfaces
  • Removable mounting point for single point mounting
  • UV additive to outdoor ruggedness
  • YAG laser additive for permanent human readable laser marking
  • RFID data encryption service for embedded data capture
  • Additional UV film for added mechanical protection
  • Heat and chemical resistant