About Us


TCS (NZ) Ltd is an electronic product development and manufacturing innovator, based in Hamilton, with national and international experience in solutions large and small for industrial, agricultural, and commercial applications.

In business for over 30 years TCS (NZ) Ltd is renowned for designing, developing and manufacturing world-class electronic products and innovating with leading-edge technologies.

TCS works on a wide variety of exciting mechatronics projects, such as an automated metering, pumping and sampling system for milk tankers, home energy management and automation systems, GPS enabled farm effluent management systems and gas leak detection systems.

TCS can develop custom product solutions, using innovative and modular systems that will save time to market as well as provide functional, inventive, and professional product offerings.

Our highly qualified and experienced team of micro-processor development engineers will create the control solution you require at a realistic price.

Whether you need:
  • Designed, engineered and manufactured embedded control solutions
  • LED message systems
  • Industrial communication protocols
  • PLC I/O protection
  • State of the art RFID traceability
  • Distributed control
  • Or any other industrial automation solution

We engineer solutions and products to outperform others to meet and exceed your needs.


Meet the team


The TCS team are broadly skilled problem solvers able to address complex control, materials handling, communications, and traceability issues from plant floor management IT in most industries and of any magnitude.


Divisions of TCS (NZ) Ltd


Building on our vast industrial expertise we’ve developed Ata Touch, a division of TCS (NZ) Ltd that delivers affordable, energy efficient home automation.

Our holistic approach integrates power saving devices with energy management, automation and control, creating a smart home that does the thinking for you.


  • TCS was very open minded and approachable when we first discussed our requirements.ISL Animal Health
  • TCS worked with us to create a cost effective and highly functional commercial product.Effluent & Irrigation Design
  • TCS have the flexibility to make product changes, updates at short notice, and manufacture short production runs suits.Giltrap Engineering
  • TCS was key to our ability to produce a successful commercial product.Giltrap Engineering
  • TCS went the extra mile under tight time constraints. Their communication was always prompt, focused and practical.LIC
  • TCS listened to our objectives and were proactive with innovative ideas.LIC
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