DeviceNet 3 Axis Encoder


The 3 Axis Encoder provides easy interfacing to pulse counters or full quadrature encoders over DeviceNet.

Dedicated onboard high speed counter chips mean you will never miss a pulse again.

The 3 Axis Encoder includes A, B and reference pulse input as well as a home input for multiple turn positioning applications.

Additional one input and one output for a sensor device and control device is also available if required.

User configurable data assemblies allow for custom data configuration so only the required data is transmitted.


  • Industrial network interface
  • 3 Axis for Quadrature Encoder, up/down count or rate measurement
  • 1.2MHz high speed counter rate
  • A, B, Z and H inputs for each channel
  • User configurable data assemblies
  • Selectable onboard ripple filter
  • NPN or PNP selectable inputs
  • 1 x 24V digital input and 1 x 24V digital output
  • Selectable filter modes – X1, X2, X4 or counter mode
  • Rugged DIN rail mounted aluminium enclosure
  • Simple easy to use interface
  • Cost effective


Ordering Information - TCS Part Numbers007-0007-001
DescriptionDeviceNet 3 Axis Quadrature Encoder Interface
Network Connector5 pin push fit Phoenix
DeviceNet Baud RateSelectable (125, 250 or 500 Kb/s)
DeviceNet MAC IDSelectable (0 to 63)
IndicatorsNetwork Status
Module Status
A1 input
B1 input
Z1 input
H1 input
A2 input
B2 input
Z2 input
H2 input
A3 input
B3 input
Z3 input
H3 input
Inputs1 x 24V DC Input
Input ConfigurationSelectable (npn or pnp)
Input IsolationOptically Isolated - 2.5KVrms min
Input FilterSelectable three stage ripple filter on each channel (1 and B inputs)
I/O Connector14 pin push fit Phoenix
Supply Voltage24V DC (from DeviceNet connector)
EnclosureAnodised Aluminium
Dimensions60mm(W) x 82mm(H) x 115mm(D)
MountingDin rail mounting to EN50022
Relative Humidity5% to 95%
Operating Temperature-25°C to 70°C (-18°F to 158°F)