CH Serial Module


The CH Serial Module is a serial communications card designed for ultra-rugged and vehicle mounted applications.

With built-in current sensing and fused outputs this module can perform advanced self-diagnostics functionality. The small form-factor and IDC header termination, allow the module to be embedded within your application in any type of enclosure with your choice of termination. The PCB is conformal coated and extensively tested to ensure performance in the harshest of environments.



Serial ports 2
Protocol RS232 or RS485 (configurable)
Digital Outputs 2
Maximum output current 2A


Communications CAN backplane
Termination IDC
Mounting Screw
Operating temperature -20 to +85C
Dimensions 110x135x30mm


EMC Standard AS/NZS CISPR 22: 2009 + Amendment 1: 2009
UL - MIL-STD-810G : 2008 Method 516.6 Shock (15G for 11ms over 3 axis)
Method 502.5 Low Temperature (-10⁰C)
Method 501.5 High Temperature (60⁰C)
Method 514.6 Vibration (general over 3 axis)