DeviceNet to SICK Barcode Scanners


This interface is designed to simplify PLC communications with SICK CLV Barcode Scanners.

Low level barcode scanner communications are taken care of by the DeviceNet to SICK interface. This allows the PLC programmer to focus on barcode processing and not burdensome serial communications.

The ease of mapping data directly into the PLC makes connection of barcode scanners much faster.

Multiple barcode scanners can be connected to the same network enabling one PLC to read from several barcode scanners.

An extensive range of parameters allows you to configure the module to suit your exact barcode tracking requirements.


  • DeviceNet™ network interface
  • High density D15 option for direct connection to your SICK Barcode Scanner
  • Water resistant IP65 M12 option for rugged industrial conditions
  • Supports a huge range of SICK Barcode Scanners
  • Smart Barcode Scanner configuration – eliminates the requirement to pre-configure your barcode scanner
  • 1 x 24V digital input (can be configured as scanner trigger)
  • 1 x 24V digital output
  • Rugged DIN rail mounted aluminium enclosure
  • Simple easy to use interface
  • Cost effective


Ordering Information - TCS Part Numbers007-0013-000 (High Density D15)
007-0023-000 (IP65 M12)
007-0040-000 (D9)
DescriptionDeviceNet to SICK Barcode Scanner Interface
Network Connector5 pin push fit Phoenix (High Density D15; and D9);
IP65 M12 (IP65 M12)
DeviceNet Baud RateSelectable (125, 250 or 500 Kb/s)
DeviceNet MAC IDSelectable (0 to 63)
Serial CommunicationsRS422 (High Density D15)
RS232 (IP65 M12; and D9)
Serial Comms Data Bits8
Serial Comms Stop Bits1
Serial Comms ParityNone
Serial Comms Baud Rate9600
Serial Comms ConnectorHigh Density D15 female for direct connection to SICK Barcode Scanner, D9 male, or IP65 M12.
IndicatorsNetwork Status
Module Status
I/O Status
Serial RX/TX
Input1 x 24V DC Input
Output1 x 24V DC Output (1A)
IsolationOptically Isolated - 2.5KVrms min
I/O Connector4 pin push fit Phoenix (High Density D15; and D9);
IP65 M12 (IP65 M12)
Supply Voltage24V DC (from DeviceNet connector)
EnclosureAnodised Aluminium
Dimensions30mm(W) x 82mm(H) x 115mm(D)
MountingDin rail mounting to EN50022
Relative Humidity5% to 95%
Operating Temperature-25°C to 70°C (-18°F to 158°F)
Smart Barcode Scanner configurationIncluded
Barcode Maximum on timeSelectable (1ms-10s)
Barcode Minimum on timeSelectable (1ms-10s)
Trigger SourceSelectable (Continuous, PLC, or I/O)
Trigger Debounce TimeSelectable (0-10s)
Barcode Scanner ConfigurationSelectable (None, NVROM, ROM, or SICK)
Trigger StateSelectable (Active ON or Active OFF)
I/O Fault ActionSelectable (OFF, Hold last state)