ControlNet & DeviceNet Slip Ring


TCS provides slip ring units for data transfer (infrared and mechanical) for industrial applications.

The TCS DeviceNet/ControlNet Mechanical Slip Ring provides DeviceNet/CAN communications and ControlNet to rotating equipment. The slip ring requires no configuration.

The slip ring unit interfaces directly to your existing DeviceNet/CAN/ControlNet network and supports the full node count. Nodes can reside on either side of the slip ring unit.

The slip ring unit comes fitted with open style connectors to conform to the DeviceNet specifications and BNC type connectors that conform to the ControlNet standard.

The polycarbonate and stainless steel enclosure provides protection against mechanical damage.


  • DeviceNet or ControlNet interface
  • Poly carbonate and stainless steel enclosure
  • No configuration required
  • No power supply required