16 to 32 Way Output Combiner Module



The TCS MoProtection Combiner Module allows 2 types of 16 way MoP Digital Out modules to connect to a single 32 Way Digital Out PLC Module.

This has the advantage of being able to mix 16 way output modules to a 32 way PLC module.

  • 32 way PLC input or output module to 2 x 16 way fused input or output modules. (ie. 24VDC input and 230VAC input)


Fuse Type N/A
Channel Current 1A per channel
Number of Inputs 32
Voltage Range 10 to 32VDC
Operating Temperature 0̊ to 60̊ C
Dimensions (W x H x L) 77mm x 54mm x 101mm

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